Harry Potter! A book that changed my childhood aspirations.

“Confessions of a reader.”

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My childhood was supposed to nurture a future professional footballer or one of the greatest scientists or maybe a great politician. This was all running in my head. The head of a young village boy, living in one of the deepest settlements in Africa. The mind of a boy completely buried in the smudged aspirations of absent jobs. I can say I was quite different from my peers. Most of my peers were always thinking about inheriting large chucks of land from their parents and plant great rice and maize plantations that would blossom like a tropical dawn. This would gain them enough pride to swagger around in our village like they had blisters in the armpits. So, how was I different, huh? I had a different vision. I had visions that a normal African would be like, Hey boy, that’s beyond your reach! You and I know that it’s hardly possible.” I think they would almost be right. I thought about impossibilities; becoming a professional footballer, playing in one of the greatest leagues, Spain possibly, becoming a president who practices justice for all or a great priest who exercises exactly what God would wish done, (though it’s possible for a priest).

Well, all those dreams were shattered the moment Sister Colette opened that book, and read to us those first famous words. In her soft voice, she started, “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

I was seated at the back of the class as usual ( I was a backbencher and there’s no need to raise an eyebrow, lol) but found myself so ready for the story. Our school had a tradition where each class had a special book that would be read to them. We had read The Wizard of Oz in our previous class and it had been a great travel as we toured the whole land of Oz but by the time we finished Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone, I had already become a Hogwarts expert for anyone who was ready to listen to me. From then, I became our Library’s MVV, call it Most Valuable Visitor( hey, It’s not an award!)

My eyes were always pointed towards the Fiction section. By the time we reached the next class, I had already piled all the seven books in my department of read. (I hope you read it as read). I think I was fit by then to earn a masters degree in HarryPotterogy.I got so much obsessed with the franchise that I had all the magic spells and jinxes properly embedded in my skull. I went ahead to re-read one at a time until I had read the Deathly Hallows like sixteen times. I went for the additional books to quench my overflowing thirst. Books like quidditch throughout the ages And Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them did not survive the smell of my nose. I accepted the Challenge when Sr. Bernadette started reading to us the new class book, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, We had landed yet into another interesting land, Narnia!

It was another great odyssey but I had already been buried in the Hogwarts castle. I couldn’t enjoy Narnia as was supposed to.

So. How did Harry Potter affect me, anyway? I realized something that had been hidden so deep inside of me. Something I might not had realized if I had not read this franchise. Do you think the much magic in the book acted on me? Well I think it did. Who knew that someone from the other village could ever think of being an author?

So, I decided I would be an author. This was before I knew what it would take me to be one. You want to know the truths? It’s more than deciding. It takes hard work, determination, obsession, focus, oh, I said a lot of words. I should have said Determination more than a thousand times. Just like anyone pursuing a goal that he/she must achieve. A goal that he/she can’t live without fulfilling. A goal that has no quitting option. One that obsesses him/her. A jinx within.

Now my dreams are becoming so much weird! I now have a full universe inside my head. Great worlds exist in my head. Great creatures keep meandering around, battles are now being fought in my head. Governments are getting overpowered and changed just within hours in my head. But I’m using a lot of words! I want to mean that I no longer concentrate on any social aspect. I only concentrate when writing. Even when I’m attending a wedding, my eyes will focus on the groom and the bride but I will see more than that. I will even see a hundred chariots. There will be an attack and many attendees will suffer a lot of injuries and then I will realize that I was the only one standing. Perhaps that Harry Potter magic is still acting on me. I will probably find out after my debut book is ushered in.

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  1. Wow, this is amazing bro!
    You have got everything it takes to be what you want, go for it bro. You are a great author and I cannot wait to read more of your stories. So proud of you.

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