BOBI WINE Declares his Utmost Ambition. It’s a great inspiration from the ghetto boy who dared!

Provided that we’re united, with or without me, peaceful change is inevitable in our country. We cannot go for guns, because we know the problems the people who used them have caused.

Bobi Wine.

Bobi wine speaking at one of his rallies.

Bobi wine grew up from one of the ghettos within Kampala city, strange place for a future icon. He forged his life into the music industry, rocked every billboard and made his name penetrate into every household. He did not chase luxury like his other counterparts. He was wise. He had a vision. He had strict principles. He did not follow the crowd but followed his mind. He chased respect, genuine wealth, the wealth attained from super hard work.
Now, after laying a perfect background that is visible to everyone, he decides to do the dare!

In a country like Uganda, deciding to stand against the president (Museveni), especially one who believes that there is no other man than himself who can lead the country, is the same as declaring that you’re ready to offer your health, wealth, family and life for your people. It’s not something done by any coward. It can only be done by a super courageous man, one with a heart of steel.

As any boy living in any Ugandan ghetto would, Bobi did not become an exception this time to drug addiction. He fell for the game, but even when he did, he looked at how to conquer, to stand at the top, and indeed he deed (shhh…I know the right spelling). He even got entrusted as the ghetto president ( The ghetto president of the republic of Uganja). He became an inspiration to the ghetto youths, a music preacher, a credible motivation singer.

Then he did the strange thing! He decided it was time to part ways with drugs. Time to preach and change the addicted youths. Time to be a honorary man in society. Did he succeed? Yes! He did! His followers parted ways with drugs because he looked like a cult to them, a living role model. They were determined to do whatever he said.

He now turned the music into a real teaching ground. It was no longer only about entertainment, but edutainment as he terms it. Within a short time his name was among the country’s great business moguls. His story inspired anyone who got a chance to hear about it. He did not blame anyone for the poor state he found himself in but worked hard to change it. He became, and still is, proof that hard work pays.

No matter how much wealth he amassed, he did not draw away from his people. He was always available to help, wether a peasant trader’s source of living had been burnt down and he was the only one standing for him or when there was need for him to sensitize people using his music. His music became the tool.

“Its not that I don’t fear. I am a natural human being but I know there is something more powerful than fear and that is the future and destiny of our country.”

Bobi Wine.
Bobi wine in red color which has turned a threat to the ruling government.

All this has made him the darling of the Ugandan youths who now look at him as the only hope for change. He has created a legacy behind him that has caused a new sickness of uncertainty to the ruling president. A great legacy that cannot be tarnished within weeks, months or years. The legacy of a people’s man, a common man. His natural-made enemy has turned every stone to rub his name off the scene but no good results seem to be yielding.

With the malpractices that characterize many African elections, we hope Bobi Wine has a secret he holds for making him trust in the forthcoming 2021 Uganda’s general elections.

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