“We are starting with that speaker,” said one of the students who did not want his names disclosed. ” They think we don’t know who is funding them, now let us battle.

Last week, the Kyambogo guild President Mr Tundulu Jonathan declared a bloody week claiming that he wanted the Twelve weeks and Six weeks policy to get scrapped off.

In the twelve weeks policy, the students are supposed to pay all campus dues within the first twelve weeks of the commencement of the semester. Failure to pay in time stops all the academic biddings of the student and therefore the campus declares that a dead semester for the student.

In the six weeks policy the students are mandated to pay all campus dues within the first six weeks of the semester and failure to do so, a surcharge of 50,000 shillings is imposed on the student’s portal.

This has caused a lot of chaos since it was heard by the students. The six weeks policy has already been in place acting with a lot of strong opposition from students.

It’s actually the strongest reasons why the students voted the one strong and popular activist Tundulu Jonathan into the Guild Presidential office to fight the two policies.

However the the guild president received a lot of opposition from the GRC house. Together with the speaker, Mr. Kidega Brian moved a motion to Impeach the President out of office.

When asked why, they gave one of the reasons to be the declaration of the bloody week as one of the reasons why they want him out, claiming that the strike is on a selfish motive and no one has ever benefited from any strike. They also claim that the guild president is too much involved in national politics and he is forgetting the campus where all focus is supposed to be.

When the guild president learnt of this, he retaliated by demanding for accountability from his ministers. He had asked for this earlier but the ministers had not compiled. When they failed to present it to him, the Guild President responded by suspending all his ministers and promised not to admit them back before they presented accountability to them. These ran to the all the former guild presidential contestants to help them out.

It should be remembered that Mr.Tundulu Jonathan belongs to people power and was recently appointed by Bobi Wine as one of his coordinators, leaving out H.E Kateregga the MAK guild president.

Since then, Tundulu has been very active in every people power activity and this has also increased the opposing forces on his side.


On Monday 30th September 2019(yesterday), the Guild speaker, Mr.Kidega Brain was seen moving around together with the GRCs waving placards advising students to disband Tundulu’s strike since it was intended on selfish motives. This erupted contradicting views as students started to get concerned about the saga.

The speaker and GRCs explaining how the policies were dropped and advising them not to strike

Mr. Tundulu decided to do the same and was seen in a Maroon suit and a black beret with a red star correcting what the speaker was communicating, declaring it a compromised move. In his rants, he claimed that the policy had been forwarded to be enacted by the government and therefore it was the right time to get the Vice Chancellor sign stopping it. He kept hitting on his unending concern for the students who come from humble backgrounds and therefore cannot manage paying in such an early time. This raised a lot of ululation and students jumped in support of their guild president.

The Guild President, Mr. Tundulu Jonathan moving in every lecture room, giving his word.


After the students heard from both sides, rumors started circulating that the Speaker and the GRCs were promised a handshake from the top administration. This drove the concerned students to start planning how to pay back to what they called selfish leaders, promising to start with the speaker. Mr. Kidega Brian was voted on a private students card and therefore all the private students have to get involved if he has to be impeached. Raging post has not yet learnt of the rightful legal means that one has to go through to Impeach a speaker or GRC.

This is indeed an interesting story.

We don’t know how this saga will end but we promise to keep you updated.

Raging post, stay online. Explore the heights.

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