Failure is part of success.

J.K.Rowling said it all, given that she is a living example of the hardcore who failed very many times before she stayed loyal to her dream and eventually fulfilled it.The Harry Potter character, Neville Longbottom, depicts the writer Rowling in her struggling times.

Many achievers will tell you that if you haven’t failed yet, you have not yet tried. Many of the most successful men have their stories built on a spate of failures, but it was self discipline, self determination, self belief that propelled them to achieve their ultimate goals.

Failure builds us. Failure hardens our spirit and rises a strong bond between us and our goals. This virtue is however common to a few individuals, a reason why the top always has few occupants. It is actually possessed by 1% of the total people who set up their goals embark on the track to achieve them. Many people do set goals but they keep inventing excuses and muster the art of blaming until they accept to be low! They accept to be ruled by failure and guess what? They come back to the crowd and live a life of grumble.

The question here is; Where do you belong? In the 1% or the 99%. To fulfill your ultimate goal, you must get ready for the storm. You don’t need to take centuries planning for the storm, but you must prepare your spirit for perseverance and stand strong not to be toppled. The eyes must find the clearing even in the rumbling and scaring being.

Once you make your spirit ready for the start, move! You will improve along the way. Let’s get moving.

(Still From) 2018 Reads: Fun Reads

Are you a book nerd? Here comes a priceless list for you from the year 2018. I know you will love it.

Rubbish Talk

Hi, Nerdies! and Happy Chinese New Year!!

It’s another list from my 2018 reads, and this time it’s a list of pastime kind of books. Hope you enjoy it.

My fun reads from 2018 fall in to four unorthodox categories: Memoir Slash Comedy, War-Themed Fiction, Romance, and Mystery.  


Comedy Slash Memoir Slash Comedy

This category is really muddy, I know.

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

And the reason for the muddiness is because of this witty memoir of Amy Poehler, the comedian who stars the SNL. This book is essentially a comedy slash memoir slash comedy.

If you are not an American though, I’m just going to warn you there’s loads of names that you probably have never heard of in the book. Otherwise, you’ll know whom those fellas Poehler‘s talking about.   

The Funny Thing Is … by Ellen Degeneres

This small book…

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Harry Potter! A book that changed my childhood aspirations.

“Confessions of a reader.”

#harrypotterlovers #booknerds #magic #Hogwarts #goodreads

My childhood was supposed to nurture a future professional footballer or one of the greatest scientists or maybe a great politician. This was all running in my head. The head of a young village boy, living in one of the deepest settlements in Africa. The mind of a boy completely buried in the smudged aspirations of absent jobs. I can say I was quite different from my peers. Most of my peers were always thinking about inheriting large chucks of land from their parents and plant great rice and maize plantations that would blossom like a tropical dawn. This would gain them enough pride to swagger around in our village like they had blisters in the armpits. So, how was I different, huh? I had a different vision. I had visions that a normal African would be like, Hey boy, that’s beyond your reach! You and I know that it’s hardly possible.” I think they would almost be right. I thought about impossibilities; becoming a professional footballer, playing in one of the greatest leagues, Spain possibly, becoming a president who practices justice for all or a great priest who exercises exactly what God would wish done, (though it’s possible for a priest).

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